The new Chief of the Army’s Logistic Support Command visits GMV

On 6 June, GMV’s site was visited by Lieutenant General Ramón Pardo de Santayana Gómez-Olea, Chief of the Army’s Logistic Support Command (JEMALE in Spanish initials). He was accompanied on this visit by the Division General Guillermo Fernández Sáez from the Logistics Functions Integration Directorate (DINFULOG in Spanish initials), Brigadier General Antonio de Vicente Crespo from the Arms Systems Subdirectorate (SUBSAR), Brigadier General Sebastián Marcos Morata from the Economic Administration Command of the Logistic Support Command and Chief Colonel Rafael Sotomayor Sáez from the Armament, Artillery Systems and Munitions Section (SASAMU).


Ramón Pardo de Santayana, who was promoted to Lieutenant General and appointed Chief of the Army’s Logistic Support Command in April this year, and his three fellow guests were received by Manuel Pérez (Director General Homeland Security & Defense) and Ricardo Torrón (Presidency Consultant) plus the rest of GMV’s personnel.


The main feature of the visit was a demo of several of GMV’s inhouse defense developments such as the fire-support command and control system TALOS, the suite of SAPIIEM JISR tools (CSD SIERRA, ATENEA, SEISMO, COLLECTOR, SIERRA TOOLS, C2-NEC, etc) plus GMV’s hardware maintenance and development capabilities (SISCAP computer, the Flight Control Computer (FCC) of the RPAS ALANTE, the A400-M aircraft’s crane control unit, the ARKP sensor unit and access control and perimeter surveillance systems.