VLCSOFTING analyzes how organizations are tackling the digital transformation

Technology is now advancing at breakneck speed, pushing back the envelope day by day. We are now living in an internet-consuming and technology-using society. For that very reason organizations now have to rethink how they are incorporating technology into their business processes, doing so with the aim of speeding up their development, running several operations efficiently at the same time, cutting times and costs, boosting quality and facilitating decision-making procedures.

GMV takes part in VLCSOFTING introducing the concept of cybersecurity in self-drive cars

The IT Technology Institute (Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI)), with GMV sponsorship, has held its third VLCSOFTING, a forum that looked more closely at all these digital-transformation issues we are currently experiencing. This get-together has been vital for finding out about and sharing the all latest advances and burning news in areas such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0.

Carlos Sahuquillo, Cybersecurity Consultant of GMV Secure e-Solutions, gave a paper investigating the concept of cybersecurity in self-drive cars, surprising us all with a threatening stowaway in such a sensitive environment: trolls. His paper ran through the present and future of self-drive cars while posing some doubts about cybersecurity and privacy in connected vehicles of this type. Sahuquillo was nonetheless of the opinion that “Despite the new headaches that might be caused by vehicle of this type, and the possible cyberthreats, there is no doubt that connected vehicles offer more advantages than drawbacks”.

In short, this third VLCSOFTING has given us a snapshot of how this digital transformation is currently being tackled by society, representing a huge advance but at the same time throwing up some concerns. This situation is summed up by a saying of William Gibson that Carlos Sahuquillo quoted in his speech, “The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed”.

GMV takes part in VLCSOFTING introducing the concept of cybersecurity in self-drive cars