GMV helps to develop the new generation of personalized-medicine enabling clinical simulators

GMV helps to develop the new generation of personalized-medicine enabling clinical simulators

GMV is now working away on the development of the next generation of practical, user-friendly biomechanical simulation systems that optimize the design of personalized clinical treatment. So user-friendly are these machines that clinicians can handle them without technicians’ help. This project falls within the overarching RAINBOW project, included in the Innovative Training Networks (ITN) of the Horizon 2020 program.

The aim of the project “Rapid biomechanical simulation for personalized clinical design" (RAINBOW) is to build up knowledge in specific areas of clinical simulation. This will involve a threefold approach: innovation and research, collaboration with industry to gauge the clinical impact of developments and training. During the four-year project GMV will be collaborating with the other participating research organizations, including the universities Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Cardiff University in Wales, France’s National Scientific Research Center, Luxembourg University, Aalborg and Kobenhavns Universities in Germany and Hospital Hvidovre.

Within the RAINBOW project, and in line with the ITN’s purpose, GMV will help to train up a new generation of creative and trailblazing researchers capable of transforming knowledge and ideas into products and services for the economic and social benefit of the European Union. In this particular case this will involve the development of clinical simulation tools to be applied in procedures of diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring, surgical training, planning, guidance, prosthesis design, implant operations and medical devices.

Clinicians have design-based decision-making responsibilities, whether designing treatment, interventions or devices. ICT tools, on the strength of ongoing breakthroughs and progress in virtual physiological models and personalized computational medicine, now enable clinicians to work with patient-simulating models, allowing them to take much better informed decisions.

GMV’s input to the ongoing quest for more personalized medicine rests on its wealth of experience in developing successful clinical simulators such as the surgical simulator insightArthro(VR) and the intraoperative radiotherapy planner radiance.

Benefits of the project

The physiological, anatomical and biomechanical simulation skills built by the RAINBOW project researchers will stand them in good stead for developing next-generation computational clinical modeling solutions.

This is where GMV comes in. The firm boasts a long and distinguished track record of developing ICT-based healthcare innovation and this now underlines its ongoing drive to develop production-quality rapid biomechanical simulation technology and train up highly-skilled personnel to use it. Vast amounts of patient data are now available together with affordable, top-quality medical-imaging technology and Big Data technology capable of dealing with huge volumes of data; these are all factors favoring clinical-simulation projects in the interests of offering more personalized medicine.