First results of the ENABLE-S3 automation and self-drive project

In late May, after the project’s first year, a general assembly was held of the ENABLE-S3 project (European Initiative to Enable Validation for Highly Automated Safe and Secure Systems), presenting the first demonstrators, simulators and videos of what will be this project’s definitive platforms to pave the way for automation of critical systems.

Enable I

ENABLE-S3 is a European Commission project awarded to a consortium of partners from over 15 countries. Its remit is to pave the way for accelerated application of highly automated and autonomous systems in the automotive, aerospace, rail and maritime mobility domains as well as in the healthcare domain.

GMV is participating in two use cases. It is leading Traffic Jam Pilot with V2x, focusing on the automotive domain, while also taking part in the Thales Alenia-led Reconfigurable Video Processor for Space, carrying out activities centering on the space domain.

In the automotive use case GMV’s activities will produce a highly automated pilot system to increase road safety, reduce congestion and benefit the environment.

In the space domain GMV will apply ENABLE-S3 methodologies to validate a technology demonstrator under extreme space conditions. This demonstrator, also resulting from this project, will involve the use of inflight-reconfigurable FPGAs to exchange vision-based navigation implementations to suit the characteristics of each phase of a space mission. In other words, reusing the same hardware to cut down costs and load. 

Enable II

ENABLE-S3’s testing, verification and coverage-oriented test-selection methods will help to bring down validation costs and activities to a reasonable level, shortening the verification and validation time. This project’s validation framework will guarantee European industry’s competitiveness in the global automation race.

This two-day encounter served to audit and take stock of the project, selecting some of the developments to be presented to the European Commission at the end of June.

As a participant in the project GMV has taken part in the various chats to weigh up any difficulties in partners’ collaborative processes observed in this first year of the project and also to define the activities that need to be tackled within the project. Together with its partners GMV has likewise taken part in the break-out sessions corresponding to its use cases.

The meeting also included a demonstrator exhibition day to showcase work and ideas as well as the state of other use cases.