EAST FCS Forum brings together the world’s ATM-protection experts

GMV at EAST FCS Forum, the event that brings together the world’s ATM-protection experts

Logical attacks on ATMs are on the increase throughout Europe and in many other parts of the world too. In its 2016 report, EAST (European Association for Secure Transactions) reported that cyberthreats in this sector had hit an all-time high in 2016. Up to now cybercriminals’ attacks had been based on ATM-related malware, cloned credit cards and bank Trojans. In recent years, however, attacks have diversified, raising further qualms about this problem around the world. To perpetrate their attacks now the hackers are trying to break into the networks of financial institutions and initiate their attack from inside. On the other side of the battlefield, cybersecurity expert are developing solutions to head off these new threats.

EAST FCS Forum 2017 is an event aimed at professionals involved with identifying, preventing and detecting security risks and ATM-related crime. Held in The Hague, the Netherlands, the forum assembled worldwide experts to swap information on the latest threats and the financial sector’s countermeasures. Attendees were also given practical information about what organizations are now doing to combat these risks.

checker ATM Security at EAST FCS Forum, the event that brings together the world’s ATM-protection experts

GMV took part as sponsor while its checker ATM Security team showcased the world’s first software specifically designed for ATM protection against fraud. With ten years’ experience now behind it, it is now the world’s leading ATM protection solution with over 120,000 licensed systems now installed in over 40 banking companies.

GMV’s twenty years’ experience in cybersecurity have made it a recognized bank-security benchmark as a company specializing in the identification, detection, protection from and response to financial cybercrime.

EAST report statistics: