In New York GMV displays its technology range to UN agencies

GMV has taken part in the 14th Annual EU-UN Procurement Seminar, held in New York’s Cervantes Institute, showcasing its range of cybersecurity, software-development, data analytics/big data and telemedicine solutions to various UN and World-Bank agencies. The GMV delegation, made up by Jonás Porcar, USA Business Development Manager, and Juan Antonio Abánades, Head of the Cybersecurity Technology Section, held bilateral meetings with procurement representatives from agencies such as UNICEF, UNOPS, UNDP and UNLB, among other, plus the World Bank.

GMV showcases its range of technological services and solutions at the EUPF Seminar 2017

GMV is now busy working with worldwide multilateral organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IBD) in the USA and Latin America, plus UN agencies headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland) both in the cybersecurity consultancy area and in the development of artificial-intelligence systems and applications. In the words of Jonás Porcar: “Multilateral organizations represent strategic clients in the internationalization drive of our cybersecurity and platform-development services and solutions. The high quality standards and specialization demanded by these institutions fits in perfectly with our constant drive to ensure our products stand out from the pack. This ongoing endeavor wins us a position as a worldwide benchmark supplier”.

With the aim of encouraging and helping European firms to do business with the various UN organizations, EU-trade representatives to the United Nations Offices in New York City set up the European Procurement Forum (EUPF), a not-for-profit organization that organizes and puts on this seminar on a yearly basis.

More about the EUPF Annual Seminar

EU trade representatives have been meeting up annually since 1996 to promote UN-procurement from EU-companies. This seminar provides participants with the necessary information and tools for accessing the UN market, advising European-based firms how to do successful business with the United Nations. This year’s seminar attracted a turnout of 60 European firms from various sectors, 12 of them Spanish.