GMV showcases its defense and security solutions at the latest HOMSEC

From 14 to 16 March GMV took part in the International Defense and Security Tradefair, HOMSEC 2017 in Madrid’s Juan Carlos I tradefair site (IFEMA). GMV ran a complete stand displaying its systems and solutions for state security and armed forces.

Homsec I

Within the Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR) area, as part of Spain’s participation in NATO’s MAJIIC project (Multisensor Aerospace /Ground Joint ISR - Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance - Interoperability Coalition), GMV showcased its information analysis and compilation systems, featuring SEISMO, ATENEA, COLLECTOR, CSD SIERRA, SIERRA tools and the command and control system C2NEC.

GMV also presented several of its navigation developments, such as the Flight Control Computer (FCC) of the RPAS ATLANTE, the pre-operational receiver PRESENCE for Galileo’s public regulated service (PRS) signal and the multi-sensor navigation systems designed for adverse environments, presented in the armaments programs VCR 8X8 and F110.

GMV highlighted the SOCRATES system, a complete border-protection and maritime-surveillance command-and-control system. GMV also displayed other command, control, surveillance and reconnaissance systems developed for the Spanish MoD and international agencies such as Europe’s Border Agency FRONTEX with the EUROSUR system, or the European External Action Service (EEAS)’s EUCCIS command and control system.

Within the simulation area GMV displayed L3 WESCAM’s electro-optic and infrared (EO/IR) imaging turret.

Lastly, within the aeronautics field, GMV’s stand featured the control unit developed for the loading system of the A 400M aircraft.

Homsec II

A total area of 14,400 m2 given over to initiatives and projects involving national security, defense, aeronautics, civil protection and emergencies, intelligence, RPASs, simulation, nanotechnology, equipment, new materials, company and consultancy services. In the words of Manuel Pérez Cortés, GMV’s General Manager of Defense and Security “this is a chance to reach clients and users rapidly and effectively […], a good shop-window for showcasing our latest defense, aeronautics and security activities and products, to bring them to the notice not only of our present clients but also, and above all, other potential clients in the offing”.

During the event GMV was visited by leading figures such as the Division General Juan Campíns Miralles (Deputy Chief of Staff of the Spanish Army), Lieutenant General José María Orea Malo (Chief of the Airforce’s Logistic Support Command), Vice Admiral Jesús Manrique Braojos (Subdirector General of Planning, Technology and Innovation), Pedro Andrés Fuster González (Subdirector General of Program Management), Admiral Salvador María Delgado Moreno (Chief Admiral of Logistic Support) and the European Defence Agency Chief Executive Jorge Domecq (in the photo together with Manuel Pérez Cortés and José Prieto).