GMV accompanies Marca España in the presentation of its yearly video

Marca España I

Jesús Serrano, GMV’s CEO, attended the presentation of the Spain-promotion video produced each year by Marca España. The 2017 video was entitled “Spain everywhere”.

Marca España’s idea this year was to present a round-the-world audiovisual trip to reflect Spain’s presence in the most diverse corners of the planet through culture, sport, cuisine, technology and, of course, its companies, its innovation and technology.

The event, chaired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Alfonso Dastis Quecedo, and the High Commissioner of Marca España, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, was held in Madrid on 17 January.

As shown by the reports of the foreign institutes mentioned by the High Commissioner, Spain’s image has been reappraised in 33% of the cases worldwide. Up to now, in the words of Carlos Espinosa, “we have only taken the first steps along a long path towards changing the stereotypes and clichés”.

Marca España II

In the presentation the High Commissioner for Marca España stressed the internationalization of Spain’s firms and also the crucial role played by professionals, collaborators, artists, armed forces, etc, whose expertise helps to build Spain’s worldwide image.

The video is a lively jaunt round the parts of the planet where Spain has left its mark, such as Washington, Tokyo, Paris, London, Moscow, New York, Río de Janeiro or the Antarctic. The images show various international projects in which GMV is involved, such as the Medina-Mecca high-speed train (AVE) line, the public-transport fleet management system of Marrakech, the passenger information system of Dubai’s tourism bus or the cell-phone payment system for Texas’s toll roads.

This pageant of Spain’s international impact was built up from images contributed by various companies and entities, including GMV, plus the help and consultancy of embassies and consulates.

The video winds up with some key messages like “Experience Spain”, “Enjoy Spain”, “Cherish Spain”.