Limitless security in SEG2

Limitless security in SEG2

SEG2 is the pioneering Integral Security Encounter organized by Borrmart and Seguritecnia, held this year for the eighth time in Madrid.

The conference discussed the latest advances in global security strategies, geared towards fraud management, and also the efforts being made to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information and experiences among sectors, organizations and the professionals affected.

José Carlos Baquero, Head of GMV’s Development and Software Engineering Division, gave a paper on fraud management under the title “Pushing back the SIEM envelope in the fight against fraud with Big Data”. This presentation dealt with a solution to flag up information systems being used for criminal or fraudulent purposes by identifying abnormal behavior patterns, thereby ensuring early identification and a rapid response.

GMV has brought all its Big Data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity experience to develop a robust and flexible system that builds on or complements traditional SIEMs by integrating vast amounts of information of different types and categorizing the behavior of users and systems (flagging up any anomalous situations).

In short, GMV has presented a solution that enables organizations to expand their security on the strength of diverse and varied information sources, going well beyond the possibilities offered by a traditional SIEM.