GMV at Discovery Day organised by the United Nations

As an expert in teledetection and observation of the Earth, GMV was recently invited to participate in the “Discovery Day Session: Satellites Enhancing Livelihoods”, an event organised by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, UNOOSA) in conjunction with GEO (Group on Earth Observation) and sponsored by Digital Globe.

Discovery Day

The conference, which was held in Geneva on 11 May, focused on subjects such as the simultaneous management of data from different earth observation missions, big geospatial data, the quality of free data and social networks, the rapid viewing of new images taken by missions, and others.

GMV presented a sample of the solutions that satellite images provide to improve living conditions in relation to the UN’s development objectives in areas concerning food security, water access and quality, sustainable and resilient planning, local level planning of social services and environmental conservation.

Specifically, Julia Yagüe, the project head, presented the services developed through RSAS (Remote Sensing and Applications Service) for the control of agricultural production, integrating local and global meteorological data; estimates of water volume and quality in water basins; the recovery of degraded suburbs; and the preparation of very small-scale maps for the monitoring of civil infrastructures and the uses of land, amongst others.

GMV is an active player in the market for Earth observation applications, adding value to satellite images, such as the services that it develops for precision agriculture or environmental impacts related to climate change.