Public procurement of innovation, decisive in a competitive economy

For further information on public procurement of innovation the “Diario Expansion” and the Technological Corporation of Andalusia have organized a debate in Madrid which was attended by Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón, Director General of GMV Secure e-Solutions.

Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón endorsed the shared view that this model of public procurement drives innovation and offered the point of view of the company on issues such as the role of government as a driver of business innovation, the impact of innovation products and utilities, the economic impact of the public Procurement Innovation and the opportunities and challenges presented to the Spanish business.

In turn, he claimed another kind of attention from the political area "The economic plan must rest on innovation; it cannot come from a cheaper production". At the same time, he encouraged the leaders to include in their electoral programs this message; "public policy innovation cannot be dissociated from the overall strategy and now the managers do not take into account".

Among the conclusions drawn from the conference it should be noted that "the impulse of the Spanish innovation by the public administration is not only carried out through finance or aid" and that "public procurement of innovation, with the acquisition solutions that are going to be developed, is the key to improve the economy and competitiveness of a country, by proposing new challenges to companies, provides support in its research and advances in improving public services".

La compra pública de innovación, decisiva para una economía competitiva

Miguel Ángel Bernal Blay, Director General of Contracting, Heritage and Organization of the Government of Aragon and executive secretary of the Public Procurement Observatory; Juan Luis Martín Ruiz, Director of Innovation of Indra; Jesús Alonso Sánchez, General Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of the Government of Extremadura; Joaquín Moya-Angeler Cabrera, President of CTA; Mª Luisa Castaño, Director General of Innovation and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy; Manuel del Pozo, Deputy Director of EXPANSIÓN and debate moderator; Ramón González Carvajal, Secretary of R&D of Health of the Government of Andalusia; Juan Manuel Garrido Moreno, Subdirector General for the Promotion of Business Innovation of the Directorate General for Innovation and Competitiveness.