GMV hosts AETC’s 2nd Business Encounter


On 17 May GMV’s headquarters hosted the 2nd Business Encounter of the Tres Cantos Entrepreneur’s Association (Asociación de Empresarios de Tres Cantos: AETC).

Set up in 1987 as an association of entrepreneurs from the north of Madrid region, AETC’s aim and purpose is to defend entrepreneurs’ interests, encouraging collaboration between all economic and social agents and local councils, regional government authorities, universities, etc., to contribute towards business-driven economic development.

AETC’s Business Encounters serve as a nexus between government authorities and companies associated and collaborating with new technologies to find out their interests and concerns, draw up joint action plans, drive the information society in Tres Cantos and create a cooperation framework for promoting sector companies in Tres Cantos.

 Associates, collaborators and guests, headed by the Mayor of Tres Cantos, Jesús Moreno and the Councilor for Local Development, Antonio Avilés, were received by Ignacio Ramos Gorostiola, Director of Human Resources, Systems and Installations; Miguel Ángel Martínez, Director of Corporate Development, Marketing and Communications, and Julián Galán, Deputy Director of the Installations Department.


Miguel Ángel Martínez then ran though the company’s main business lines before focusing on GMV’s space activities, laying special stress on GMV’s leadership as supplier of ground control systems for commercial telecommunications-satellite operators.

Mariella Graziano, Director of the Space Systems Division, then presented the latest robotics breakthroughs for future space-exploration missions in GMV’s mock-up Martian terrain where GNC systems, autonomous navigation systems and rover systems in general are all put through their paces.

The tour finished with a demo of GMV’s advanced robotic testbed for space operations and systems, platform-art©, specially designed for ground testing of missions related to space-debris capture, exploring the surface of other planets, moon landings and formation flying, among others.