Big Data and Predictive Analytics: New opportunities for industry and society

GMV in Big Data and Predictive Analytics

In the event organized by the School of Engineering of Valencia, José Carlos Baquero, Head of Division of Software Engineering and Development at GMV Secure e-Solutions, has presented some of the most important projects in the area of ​​Big Data and framed in the areas of customer segmentation and customized offers, Digital Surveillance Management of epidemiological and clinical data, Maintenance based on data and optimization, Industry 4.0 and IoT and Precision Agriculture.

Pilar Campins Falcó, Vice Chancellor of Research, inaugurated the meeting which has been in common the advances in Big Data between the key players: businesses, government and university, with cases of use in various fields, from health to marketing.

Which are the profiles to form a Big Data team? How viable is the use of the Cloud for Big Data projects? Is Big Data applicable for SMEs? Or Privacy and Security vs. Big Data were some of the issues addressed in José Carlos Baquero round of questions during his speech.

The event was fulfilled his goal of spreading the inexorable evolution toward the Big Data leaving behind the classic Data Warehousing and join the new era of predictive analytics.


GMV in Big Data and Predictive Analytics