GMV takes part in the IT-Trans 2016 Fair

Recently, GMV took part in IT-Trans 2016, a specialist conference and exhibition on intelligent public transport solutions, that was held in the Karlsruhe Congress Center (Kongresszentrum), Germany.

IT Trans I

During this event GMV’s staff gave personalized demos of its whole range of transport products, such as its advanced fleet-management and passenger information systems, currently set up in over 100 public-transport operators from 65 cities all round the world; its electronic ticket-issuing and fare-collection systems and its IT data-management developments, providing a complete analysis and control of services, ridership, revenue, etc.

GMV’s stand also showcased its various Network Planning and Transit Scheduling Optimization systems, plus transport-on-demand management solutions to improve passenger experience and boost profitability.

This international meeting is a unique opportunity to spur ambitions, input new ideas and flesh out the most trailblazing transport projects. Many worldwide sector leaders came together in this fair to explore the most efficient innovations.