GMV presents the Cloud Security Study of Cloud Security Alliance with the collaboration of ISMS Forum

As Coordinator of the Spanish Chapter of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA-ES) and member of the Big Data Security Working Group, GMV’s CISO, Mariano J. Benito, presented in SICUR the conclusions of the Big Data Security Conditions Study drawn up by CSA in 2015.

GMV presenta el Estudio de Seguridad en la Nube, de Cloud Security Alliance y la colaboración de ISMS Forum

GMV participated in the workshop organized by ISMS under the title “New Features and Practical Aspects for Companies: Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Internet of Things and Big Data”, dealing with such issues as the practical aspects of the new European Data Protection Regulation, analyzing and assessing the upcoming Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive and presenting the main trends within the Internet of Things.

Mariano J. Benito, for his part, dealt with the Big Data phenomenon, data stewardship and the new security scenarios brought in by the implementation of Big Data, pointing out the idiosyncratic aspects such as variability of information sources, the speed with which this information is generated, processed or stored, inherent Big Data volumes, intrinsic vulnerabilities of the new tools and scenarios now needed and how all these features call for a forward development of security mechanisms in non-Big-Data environments, so that this technological proposal can input the greatest possible value by minimizing existing risks.