GMV enlarges the Hispasat control center

The Spanish satellite operator Hispasat has once again turned to GMV for deployment of the flight-dynamics and monitoring-and-control systems of the Amazonas 5 and Hispasat 1F. Both systems will be developed from the GMV products already being used by Hispasat; focusGEO for the fleet as a whole and hifly® for the satellites Amazonas 1, 2, 3, H1E and AG1.

The project includes installation of the new satellite’s ground stations in the control centers of Arganda del Rey, Maspalomas and Rio de Janeiro. These ground stations will monitor the state of the new satellites and send the necessary instructions and commands. The satellites’ in-orbit tracking systems will also be updated.

GMV will provide the flight dynamics system, built up from focusGEO, the benchmark orbital operations product for the rest of Hispasat’s fleet. The contract is rounded out with the satellite monitoring-and-control system using the hifly® product, GMV’s commercial solution for real-time satellite management.

Amazonas 5 and Hispasat 1F will be launched throughout 2017 and will strengthen Grupo Hispasat’s position in Europe and the Americas. Hispasat’s Amazonas 5 will meet the growing demand for satellite capacity in Latin America and Brazil, mainly for satellite-based television broadcasting. It will also provide Ka band coverage for new internet connectivity services.

Hispasat 1F will serve as replacement for Hispasat 1D, providing additional Ku band capacity for Andean and Brazilian regions. Hispasat 1F will also boost the company’s Europe-America and America-Europe connective capacities and will also tag on further Ka capacity for Europe’s broadband services.