Successful launch of Sky Muster

sky muster

Right on schedule, on 30 September, the Sky Muster communications satellite of the Australian operator NBN Co successfully blasted off atop an Ariane 5 ECA rocket from Kourou Spaceport in French Guiana.

GMV has been responsible for the real time telemetry and command processing system based on its hifly® product plus three other ground subsystems: the flight dynamics system based on focusSuite, the ground segment control and monitoring system based on magnet and the payload management system based on smart rings.

These systems, installed in five of NBN Co’s operation stations in Australia, provide a complete packet of software and functions for controlling NBN Co’s satellites in an efficient, safe and automatic manner. They have been successfully integrated and deployed in a modern virtual and ecological environment using blade and vSphere servers. As well as the software, GMV is also seeing to training, support and maintenance arrangements for the system’s end users.

Sky Muster, also called NBN Co N1A, will be phased into the nbn™ network, giving fast broadband access to the remotest corners of Australia’s vast territory. NBN Co 1A forms part of a program including 2 satellites built by SSL, the second of which, NBN Co 1B, is scheduled for launch next year.