GMV and URJC join forces to improve the training of Data Science professionals


The digital transformation we are currently living through is leading to breakneck changes in our daily lives. One of the consequences of this digitation of society is the generation of huge amounts of data. This then has to be analyzed and mined if it is to be turned to good account. This in turn has given rise to a new career, known as Data Scientist.

This new Data Science career profile is now one of the most sought after by firms. According to McKinsey, 1.8 million data scientists will be taken on in the US in 2015/2016. In the same period Gartner forecasts that 1.2 million data scientist jobs will be generated in Western Europe. At the same time, however, suitable personnel are sometimes the hardest to find, since, up to now, there have been no specialist training syllabi in this discipline.

GMV and the university called Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), mindful of these new job needs, have joined forces to improve the practical training of future data scientists. As a result, students of URJC's Data Science Master will have the chance to put their theoretical knowledge into practice in the technological projects being carried out by GMV.

GMV, as a groundbreaking company in the IT sector and an expert data analysis company, boasts a wealth of experience in providing Big Data solutions in such diverse sectors as precision agriculture, prevention of banking fraud, cybersecurity, digital surveillance, detection of datacenter anomalies, monitoring and analysis of internet publicity campaigns, management of clinical and epidemiological data and evidence-based clinical rehabilitation.