GMV offers a vision of the innovation and technology of the future

Future vision I

On 12 June GMV is holding in Madrid an innovation and technology conference called “A vision of the future”. This represents a unique opportunity to analyze with prominent international key speakers how innovation & technology will change some industries and their future influence.

Mindful of the fact that innovation starts with a long-term view of the future, fully aware also that to lead worldwide competition in the future it is necessary to invest today in the technologies that are going to change our lives, GMV has organized this conference as a grand celebration of its 30th anniversary. The conference will analyze how innovation & technology is going to change some industries such as space exploration, transportation, ICTs or healthcare and their impact on our lives in the following decades.

The conference kicks off with the opening speech “A Vision of the Future” by Dr. MichioKaku, an American theoretical physicist and worldwide expert in String Field Theory, a particular development of string theory.

Future vision II

This opening speech will be followed by a round table chaired by Eduard Punset, a Spanish lawyer, writer, economist and science popularizer, with the participation of Daniel Sieberg, senior marketing manager in Google and author of the book “The Digital Diet”; Bas Lansdorp, cofounder and CEO of MarsOne and Dr. Julio Mayol, Professor of Surgery, Co-director of the Madrid-MIT MVision, Chief Innovation Officer of IdISSC, MIT Affiliate. The round table will be followed by an open debate chaired by Eduard Punset with the participation of all the speakers.

The conference as a whole will try to work out which game-changing events are likely to take place in the coming decades in the various sectors; their application to our lives; the technologies that are going to be necessary for bringing these great changes about and what we should begin to do today to ensure we play a key role in this future product- and service-industry that we are imagining today.

The overriding aim of the conference, with the participation of leading figures from business, politics and academia, is to provide a long-term vision capable of inspiring the main sector stakeholders and bringing home to society the importance of R&D investment now in the technologies that are going to be crucial in the future.

The venue is Madrid’s Torre de Cristal (Glass Tower) set in the area known as Cuatro Torres (Four Towers), the capital’s new financial hub and one of Europe’s most modern business centers.

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