Audiovisual content platform for TMB

Following on from the onboard projects developed by GMV in the past, TMB (Transports Municipals Barcelona) has once more turned to GMV for development and implementation of the MouTV system for urban buses of Barcelona.

TMB has been keen to improve its passenger information system for some time now. As part of this strategy, and to drive the management of passenger information overall, the company has now set up the Mou_TV channel, a communication and entertainment package comprising service information, (ETAs, network incidents, ...), breaking news to accompany passengers on their journeys (latest news, weather, ...), publicity.

The new Mou TV channel opens a new communication port with passengers, while also helping to give a single brand image at network level and managing all information received from passengers.

The complete project comprises the creation, management, distribution and presentation of contents both on the metro system and on urban buses. GMV is also participating in the contents presentation and dissemination packets on urban buses. MouTV will be broadcast on about 2000 on-bus screens. The broadcasting format is 16: 9.

GMV is managing publication of service information (line / origin / destination / next stop / synoptic display with next stops), general interest contents, scroll messages and multimedia contents.

The MouTV project represents a continuation of the onboard passenger-information project that GMV has been carrying out on 1200 buses of TMB’s fleet and the traditional technological and professional collaboration between both firms in recent years.