Space Atlantic Summit 0

4th New Space Atlantic Summit

Hibryd mode (onsite/online)

GMV is taking part in the fourth New Space Atlantic Summit, to be held in hybrid mode (onsite/online) in Coimbra, Portugal, on 8 June.

The summit will be a chance to find out all about Portugal’s New Space market, its main players and future plans.

Space nowadays is without a shadow of a doubt a boon for everyday life, boosting welfare, the economy and society and underpinning firms from many different sectors: farming and fishery; infrastructure control; urban development; defense and security; navigation; environmental control and sustainable, eco-friendly development; banking; communications, to quote just a few. As the space sector grows and develops it engenders new opportunities and comes up with responses to the new needs of all these sectors. The digital transformation is upon us, driving thoroughgoing changes in all sectors. Marketing and placing-in-orbit times are likely to be shortened, costs to be slashed; space activities can therefore provide companies with an enormous range of benefits and help them to boost their value. The final aim is to promote and enable the appearance of new markets and generate skilled jobs throughout the economy.

Dedicated to New Space, paying special attention to earth observation and spin-off applications, the summit will lay down the bases for presenting the space entrepreneurship strategy CASSINI 2021-2027.

Alberto Águeda Maté, GMV’s Division Head Institutional Flight Dynamics Systems- FDO – Aerospace, is taking part in the panel called «The challenges of Space Traffic Management».

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