Tech4fleet Congress & Expo

Madrid (Spain)

On 19 and 20 May Madrid will be hosting the TECH4FLEET, International Fleet-Management Technology Congress. “We should always try to play with the best and be decisive in calling them”, is the banner theme of this third congress in the series.

This yearly congress is designed to give companies a better idea of fleet management technology and how to implement it.

During two event-packed days Madrid will become the capital of technology, showcasing the latest breakthroughs of cutting-edge telematics, IoT and Big Data firms. Also featured will be e-mobility and conventional mobility, carsharing and VTCs.

This year’s congress brings in a new activity, “The day of telematics”, to be held on 20 May, where the main fleet-management system providers will be displaying their range of services.

MOVILOC, GMV’s inhouse fleet management and tracking system, will be participating in the congress.

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