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13th European Space Conference


The 13th European Space Conference will be held on 12 and 13 January.

On the threshold of the new decade this year’s conference will be taking stock of what has been done and looking forward to Europe’s future space policy, its programs and missions.

Under the banner theme «Space Embracing a Changing World: Green, Digital, Resilience & Security» the conference will be addressing issues like space in the European and national recovery plans, secure public telecommunications in Europe resilience and critical value chains, research and European space competitiveness, space and defense, space applications, the digital transition, European new space exploration and international space cooperation and business.

In keeping with the current circumstances, this year’s conference is going hybrid. As in past years an online event will be held in Brussels, with the physical presence limited to the speakers for safety reasons. The online interactivity will be limitless for every participant.

GMV is sponsoring this year’s conference and will also be taking part in two sessions: “The role of research in boosting European space competitiveness” and “Cleaning up our orbits: accelerating the move to remove space debris”.

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