Mariano Benito takes part in the European Defence Agency’s webinar Cloud Computing Information Security Challenges

Cloud Computing Information Security Challenges


The European Defence Agency, in collaboration with CERT-EU, ENISA and EC3, is organizing a virtual workshop to address cloud computing information security challenges.

Cloud computing offers significant advantages in terms of organizational impact and cost, both for private and public organizations. The downside, however, is the security challenges; huge swathes of cloud-stored classified information have to be dealt with, and this pushes technology and regulation to the limit.

Mariano J. Benito, CISO of GMV’s Secure e-Solutions sector and Coordinator of the Spanish Chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance, will be presenting the paper “Cloud Security Alliance work on DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)”. This session will look in detail at all the benefits of the cloud for DRaaS as well as the challenges it poses. It will also be putting forward some options and alternatives for successfully setting up cloud-based disaster-recovery services in your organizations, ensuring they are well prepared for the next crisis and can keep up their normal operations.

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