World Space Week 2020: “New Space and how satellites improve our quality of life”


On 8 October GMV is taking part in the discussion panel “New Space and how satellites improve our quality of life”, organized by the Andalusian Technology Corporation (Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía: CTA) as part of World Space Week.

Jorge Potti, GMV’s general space manager, is taking part in this event, which aims to showcase the importance of satellites and how they improve our lives in terms of communications, environmental monitoring, transport, weather forecasting, telemedicine, science and many other areas.

During this event Jorge Potti, acting in his capacity as Space Vice-President of the Spanish Association of Defense, Aeronautics and Space Technologies (Asociación Española de Tecnologías de Defensa, Aeronáutica y Espacio: TEDAE), will be presenting TEDAE’s Annual Report on Spain’s Space Industry 2019.