Protection of tourism’s technological applications

Protection of tourism’s technological applications


Over the last few years technology has become a great ally of the tourism sector, enabling tourism firms to offer the digital client a more personalized, accessible and efficient service. Seventy percent of tourists use technological applications to plan their trips at all stages of the whole process, from choosing the destination and spots to visit, to booking travel tickets, accommodation, entertainment and cultural events and GPS tracking in the final destination itself.

The tourism applications market is swelling year by year, but to ensure a successful and pleasant client experience these applications need to be properly protected from security threats.

Spain’s Technological Hospitality Institute (Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero), GMV and Imperva, with the participation of Meliá, invite you to discover cutting-edge technological solutions to protect your applications and mitigate risks, while at the same time guaranteeing your customers the best possible experience.