MED-GOLD Summer School


From May 25 to June 20, the MED-GOLD Summer School "Climate information for Mediterranean agri-food systems" will take place.

MED-GOLD, a European-Union, Horizon-2020 (H2020) initiative, is run by a consortium that includes GMV. MED-GOLD’s aim is to show climate information’s added value for agriculture, especially as an aid in decision-making; it encourages the creation of adapted and highly specialized services based on seasonal, decennial or even longer term climate forecasts, taking into account the present and future environmental context.

The school, targeting science students and professionals from areas like climate sciences, agriculture, economics, social and communication sciences, will be addressing various disciplines including climate models, agriculture and socioeconomic sciences.

Participants will be working in multidisciplinary teams under the tutorship of the Science Committee. The aim is to develop climate prototypes for agri-food sectors, drawing from climate information supplied by real users. These prototypes will be designed on the basis of knowledge and skills shared during the event.

Students will also become familiar with climate data and tools made available through the Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS).


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