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GMV will be present at Asteroid Day 2020, held yearly on June 30.

Asteroid Day is a dynamic awareness and educational program to inspire the world about asteroids – their role in the formation of our solar system, how we can use their resources, how asteroids can pave the way for future exploration and finally how we can protect our planet from asteroid impacts.

Asteroid Day is held on June 30 every year to mark the anniversary of the biggest asteroid impact on earth in recent years (1908), in the Siberian steppes of the Russian city of Tunguska, which burnt a woodland area of 2150 km2.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has organized specific Asteroid Day celebrations in different countries. Mariella Graziano, director of GMV’s Robotics and Space Systems department, will be moderating the Spanish event, due to be broadcast on 26 June at 5-6 pm CEST.

Guest speakers from both Europe and Spain itself include popularizers, scientists, astronomers and experts trying to unravel the fascinating science of asteroids and meteorites and assess the risk of asteroids orbiting near the earth. One chat will even include the participation of astronauts, who will explain why we should be mindful of the potential risks posed to our planet by asteroids.

Both the Spanish event and the events held in other languages will be available through ESA WebTV and ESA’s YouTube channel.

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