GMV present at IBM’s event on the challenge of IT and OT plant integration

The challenge of IT and OT plant integration

Madrid (Spain)

IBM’s Client Center Madrid is hosting an IBM Industry 4.0 encounter. Under the title “The challenge of IT and OT plant integration” it is directed at executives responsible for IT, the digital transformation and industrial plant management, manufacture and operation.

The idea is to analyze how the growing digitization of industrial processes and the irruption of new technology have led to a paradigm shift in plant architecture. Up to now information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) have been sealed off from each other in separate bubbles. Now, however, there is now a growing convergence between them, allowing companies to enhance their efficiency and productivity, taking up smarter management systems to extract value from all plant-generated data.

Miguel Hormigo, GMV’s Industry Manager, and Ángel C. Lázaro, Business Partner, are giving a joint paper on “VirtualPAC: Virtual technology at the service of Smart Factories” (10.10 hours).