SecuDrone 0

3rd SecuDrone

Madrid (Spain)

On 11 and 12 November the Strategic-Industry and Technology Promotion Association (Asociación para la Promoción de las Tecnologías e Industrias Estratégicas: APTIE) is putting on SecuDrone, a technology conference to be held in the Industrial Engineers’ School of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

There is by now a great range of drones and applications to facilitate and cheapen security operations in many different facets: surveillance of buildings and facilities of all types; VIP protection and convoy escort; critical infrastructure and distribution networks; events and large crowds; transport routes; ports and airports; countryside, woods and mountains; borders and coastline; emergencies and disasters, etc. We also need to safeguard facilities, forces, land and citizens from the threat posed by malicious or careless use of drones.

In this wide-ranging context APTIE is putting on secuDrone, a 360º event dealing with drone and anti-drone needs and responses and security applications, bringing together manufacturers, developers and public institutions to discuss current needs and technical ideas.

In the exhibition area GMV will be showcasing its inhouse solutions in this sector, in particular the U-Space product family, drone locus®.