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GMV | Strategic Forum on Logistics and Economy 4.0


Madrid (Spain)

The Subdirectorate General of Recruitment and Vocational Orientation of the Ministry of Defense, as part of the System for Civil Harnessing of the Professional Skills of Military Personnel (SAPROMIL in Spanish initials) is putting on the 3RD STRATEGIC encounter on "LOGISTICS AND ECONOMY 4.0, to be held on 17 October in the Industrial Organization School of Madrid (Escuela de Organización Industrial de Madrid).

Javier Zubieta, Marketing and Communication Manager of GMV’s Secure e-Solutions sector, has been invited to take part in the discussion panel “THE CONNECTED SUPPLY CHAIN”, which will be looking at the evolution of the client-provider supply chain. After the recent irruption of new technologies this connected supply chain is making it possible for partners and providers to interact and react to real-time consumer behavior changes. The new technologies and concepts like the Internet of Things (IOT), which are already boosting connectivity, are optimizing times and ensuring a better service for the end client.

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