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IAA Italian Regional Symposium on Space Debris Observations

Potenza (Italy)

Gauss is now planning to host a new IAA conference on space debris observation. The dates will be 9 to 10 July and the venue will be Basilicata in southern Italy, home to Castelgrande Astronomical Observatory..

Castelgrande Observatory, forming part of the International Scientific Optical Network (ISON), keeps up constant observations of space debris and NEOs under the CastelGAUSS Project, doing so in cooperation with the Keldish Institute of Moscow (KIAM) and by agreement with the municipal district of Castelgrande.

The IAA Italian Regional Symposium of Space Debris Observations from Basilicata aims to address all space-debris matters, offering first-hand studies and research to that end.
Mariella Graziano, Director of Space Segment and Robotics, will be presenting a paper under the title "GMV experience on effective space debris monitoring, limitation and potential active removal".


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