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2nd MARISA Workshop

Madrid (España)

Under the umbrella MARISA project (Maritime Integrated Surveillance Awareness) GMV is putting on the 2nd MARISA Workshop in Madrid on 21 May.

The main aim of this project, which kicked off in May 2017, is the integration of Big Data with multi-sensor data-fusion; this groundbreaking technique involves the mining of data from different sources to glean useful, top-quality information, applied in this case with maritime security in mind.

The MARISA consortium, led by the Italian multinational Leonardo S.p.A., includes 21 companies from 9 different EU member states. GMV is one of these partner companies, playing a standout role in the project. It is responsible for system design, the development of anomaly-detecting and level-1 data-fusion algorithms, as well as carrying out the integration and operational trials.

This workshop will analyze the results of the operational trials held in 2018. It also aims to become a stakeholder debating forum about the possible use of MARISA tools and functions and its interoperability with solutions currently available throughout Europe, doing so with the aim of pooling recommendations and advice for preparation of MARISA adoption models and the final exploitation plan.

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