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Academia Militar da Amadora (Portugal)

Building upon the encouraging results of previous years, the 5th NATO CD SDP Conference, will represent an unique opportunity to explore new ideas: from harmonizing requirements to delivering operational capabilities; from research and innovation to transformation; from education, training and exercises to maintenance and support for operations, and reinforcing the NATO-EU complementarity of cybersecurity and cyberdefense efforts.

In line with this idea, cyberdefense-related projects (MNCD2, MISP and MNCDE&T) are strongly committed to joining efforts and working together with industry and academia, building the necessary bridges between international and national initiatives.

For yet another year GMV is sponsoring the NATO CD SDP Conference to showcase its range of inhouse cybersecurity products and show how the latest cybersecurity and cyberdefense technological breakthroughs might help to meet the current challenges faced by the various state-security corps and forces.

This 5th NATO CD Smart Defence Projects’ Conference has the following main objectives:
- Endorse a NATO-EU roadmap to energize and promote a robust network for an ecosystem of education, training and exercises, and a savvy cyber workforce development;
- In line with the NATO-EU Joint Declaration, reinforce NATO-EU complementarity of efforts and enhance the implementation of the common set of proposals by promoting a Synergetic Approach, namely in the areas of cyberdefense education, training and exercises;
- Develop synergies and stimulate cooperation between all the NATO’s CD Projects in order to foster new initiatives within this Project’s cluster as well as with the wider CD community (e.g. national, international, academia and industry);
- Promote an active engagement and participation of industry and academia in NATO and national CD capability development processes towards innovation and transformation of cyberdefense E&T;
- The possible “Cyber Academia and Innovation Hub” contribution to NATO and EU.

This event intends to offer a free, open and wide discussion forum, providing industry and academia with a unique opportunity to present and discuss new ideas, solutions and technical capabilities.

The 5th NATO CD SDP Conference will take place in Amadora (Portugal) on the upcoming May 16.

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