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European Robotics Forum

Bucharest (Romania)

From 20 to 22 March Bucharest in Romania is hosting the tenth European Robotics Forum (ERF), one of Europe’s top robotics encounters.

ERF2019 will host a major exhibition where companies, universities and research institutes will showcase the most advanced European prototypes, products, services and projects funded under EU’s Horizon 2020 research program.

GMV will be presenting two papers at the conference, one dealing with the European Space Robotics Control and Operating System (ESROCOS) and the other with the European Robotics Goal-Oriented Autonomous Controller (ERGO), two space-robotics projects the company is leading as part of the European Union’s H2020 program. The first paper will be given in the block called “AI, Planning and Robotics: Results and Future Challenges” and the second in “Open and sustainable robotics software ecosystems for Europe”.

With over 50 workshops highlighting the latest robotics research, the conference will give Romanian companies and universities a unique window onto the latest developments in Europe’s markets.

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