Melbourne (Australia)

From 24 to 28 February GMV will be attending the 27th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics (ISSFD), to be held in Melbourne to coincide with the 18th Australian International Aerospace Congress (AIAC18).

ISSFD forms part of a series of symposia sponsored by various space agencies, including APL, CNES, DLR / GSOC, ESA / ESOC, EUMETSAT, INPE, JAXA / ISAS, KIAM, NASA / GSFC and JPL. It aims to furnish an international forum for flight-dynamics specialists.

GMV will be presenting five papers dealing with the following subjects:

- ExoMars 2016 – Flight Dynamics commanding during aerobraking operations for the Trace Gas Orbiter.
- Exomars 2016 – Flight Dynamics operations for targeting of the Schiaparelli Entry Descent and Landing module and the Trace Gas Orbiter Mars-orbit insertion.
- Flying gyroless around Mars: a software update for Mars Express
- Uncertainties in GPS-based operational orbit determination of Sentinel satellite
- Effect of Air Drag Perturbation in the Eccentricity Vector for Very Low Earth Orbits

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