Oxford (United Kingdom)

For yet another year GMV is taking part in the latest Data Systems In Aerospace (DASIA) conference, to be held in Oxford (UK) from 29 to 31 May.

DASIA is organized by Eurospace, the European Space Industry Association created in 1961 to promote space activities in Europe and foster a better understanding of the space industry’s questions and problems.

Organized by the European Space Industry Association, Eurospace, DASIA addresses technical and managerial aspects of the development, operation and maintenance of data-handling components and systems for command and control space and aeronautics applications, as well as other sectors sharing the same remits of great reliability and complexity.

The three-day conference is due to attract a top-notch turnout from the space industry, universities and space agencies and institutes. GMV’s Tiago Manuel da Silva Jorge will be giving the paper “Design and Safety assessment of onboard software applications using the AMASS platform”.

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