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4S Symposium

Valleta (Malta)

GMV is taking part in the Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S), an event organized by the French Space Agency (CNES) in collaboration with the European Space Agency and to be held from 30 May to 3 June in Valleta, Malta.

Under the slogan “Small Satellites Go Viral!” the various technical sessions of this year’s 4S Symposium will demonstrate the working lines and latest breakthroughs in the Small Sats field (nanosats, picosats and CubeSats).

On 30 May the paper “AIM: a small satellite interplanetary mission”, of which Andrea Pellacani is co-author, will be presented in the Mission & System Analysis session. Then, on 1 June in the New Technologies session, Cristina Negueruela will be presenting the paper “Shaping a European IOD service scheme”, dealing with the results of the GMV-led IODISPLay project (Horizon 2020 program), the co-authors of which are Giovanni Binnet, Gabrielle Novelli and Diego Escorial.


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