Madrid (Spain)

On 4 May GMV will be receiving a visit from the current students of the course of Higher Strategic Studies for Senior Ibero-American Officers (Altos Estudios Estratégicos para Oficiales Superiores Iberoamericanos: AEEOSI). This, the fifteenth course of its kind, is made up by over 40 students from 17 Ibero-American countries, plus seven participants from Spain and one from Portugal.

The course, given by the Higher Defense Studies School (Escuela de Altos Estudios de la Defensa: EALEDE) and held in the Higher National-Defense Studies Center (Centro de Estudios Superiores de la Defensa: CESEDEN), aims to bring future challenges to wider notice in a consolidated academic environment as well as forging even closer bonds of cooperation and friendliness between the representatives of the participating Ibero-American countries.

The students of this year’s course will have the chance to find out at first hand about GMV’s security and defense activities and watch a demo of the capabilities of the various systems developed in this area. GMV will also be showcasing some of its space activities, focusing on GMV’s leadership as supplier of ground control systems for commercial telecommunications satellite operators.

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