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TRY IT! 2016


GMV is sponsoring the fourth Try IT!, an event organized by the Delegation of Students of the Higher IT Engineers School (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Informáticos: ETSI Informáticos) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid together with the Job-Guidance Center (Centro de Orientación Laboral: COLFI) and university management.

The aim of this event is to bring students into contact with companies, introducing them to the most groundbreaking technologies now being developed and used in areas such as Big Data, robotics, mobile technologies, cybersecurity, Business Intelligence…

GMV will be running a workshop on Apache Flink technology with José Carlos Baquero, Head of the Services and Technology Software Development Division, Alfonso Sastre and Pablo González, members of GMV’s Data Scientist team, where they are researching into and working with Big Data technologies and Machine Learning algorithms. Miguel Muro will be participating on behalf of GMV’s human resources department, presenting the firm to the students and explaining the professional opportunities offered by GMV.

ETSI Informáticos de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Campus de Montegancedo
Boadilla del Monte