Web application for validating GNSS-based performance-based navigation (PBN) procedures

General Information

Ground and flight validation of PBN procedures

MagicIFP is a web application service that enables you to conduct the required ground and flight validation activities on your PBN procedures to ensure they comply with ICAO recommendations and requirements.

The primary objectives of MagicIFP are to:

  • Perform ground validation of PBN requirements.
  • Support flight validation of PBN procedures

Compatible PBN procedures: RNP approaches (all minimum), RNAV (GNSS) SID, RNAV (GNSS) STAR

Licensing and Prices

For information on the licensing conditions and prices, or to request temporary free access to test MagicIFP, please contact [email protected].



  • Developed in accordance with the most recent ICAO recommendations and requirements for PBN procedure design, coding and validation.
  • The user defines the instrument flight procedure (IFP) to be analyzed on the application's user interface.
  • The desired aircraft path is calculated on the basis of the ARINC 424 path terminators used in the IFP design, the ICAO PANS-OPS design rules, and the RTCA requirements applicable to SBAS avionics.
  • The aircraft’s flyable trajectory is simulated taking into account an accredited aircraft performance database.
  • Ground and flight validation reports describing all checks run to validate the ICAO recommendations and requirements are generated automatically.
  • Ground and flight validation KML files are also generated automatically to enable users to analyze other relevant points (e.g., terrain and airspace).
  • The procedure design and coding are reviewed to ensure compliance with PANS-OPS and ARINC 424 requirements.
  • The user defines the flight scenarios in terms of aircraft model, initial aircraft state (weight, IAF [initial approach fix], altitude, IAS [indicated airspeed]) and atmospheric conditions (temperature deviation and tail wind).
  • 3DoF flight simulation of the procedure to be carried out to conduct a preliminary assessment of its flyability, taking into account the ascent/descent gradients and the altitude and speed restrictions.
  • The user uploads an RINEX GPS L1 L2 file recorded during a flight trial.
  • Users can upload their own navigation solution and real trajectory flown.
  • The user can upload the SBAS messages recorded during the flight trial or allow the tool download them from an operational SBAS repository.
  • The actual trajectory flown by the aircraft is determined automatically with centimeter accuracy.
  • GNSS performance calculation and validation checks related to precision, integrity, continuity, and availability.
  • Flight validation with FAS data block for LPV approaches, calculating the glide path flown.

MagicIFP is a web application service that enables users to ensure that they follow ICAO guidelines on:

  • Ground validation of PBN procedures, generating a report with a detailed description of data consistency, PANS-OPS, and ARINC 424 checks performed on the procedure defined by the user.
  • Ground validation of PBN procedures, generating a report with the outcome of the flyability checks calculated for the scenarios defined by the user. 
  • Flight validation of PBN procedures, by processing the data recorded in one or several flight trials, generating a report describing the outcome of the performed analysis.

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