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The new White Rabbit switch will protect the UK’s infrastructure using an emerging open hardware technology for time distribution

The project will also kickstart a new collaboration between GMV and CERN to implement and further develop the White Rabbit standard


It will be working within the framework the European Carematrix project, which seeks to provide innovative solutions that improve the quality of comprehensive treatment for patients with two or more chronic conditions while increasing the efficiency of public healthcare services

PMMCare+ will provide the technical means needed to coordinate the work of the various teams caring for these patients, as well as to involve these patients in their healthcare

Carematrix is expected to achieve the following: a 20% reduction in time spent on visits to healthcare facilities, a 75% improvement in care-related aspects, a 50% reduction in patient data management incidents, and a 30% reduction in clinical errors

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has awarded GMV a contract for the development of the satellite’s data reception, mission planning, processing and user services system

MBZ-SAT is the most advanced satellite in the region for high-resolution satellite imagery and will provide globally accessible commercial images

The research proposal focuses on two projects: the development of a self-sovereign digital identity solution and a security operations center (SOC) for the space industry

Both projects have been approved by the Strategic Initiative for Innovative Public Procurement (IECPI) of Spain’s National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE)

GMV ushers in a new era of digital empowerment, where users can take control of their online identity and decide how and when to share their personal data, thanks to self-sovereign digital identities

The development of a cybersecurity management center for the space industry will mitigate the risks of potential security incidents in satellite networks, preventing major socioeconomic consequences

EUROCONTROL awards GMV the evolution of AUGUR, its service for airspace users and air navigation service providers

AUGUR verifies the integrity and reliability of GPS signals for a wide range of air operations

GMV will lead all the phases related to the provision of the service’s new features

Of the projects GMV was awarded following the European Defence Fund (EDF) 2022 call for proposals, CONVOY focuses on the detection of improvised explosive devices, using drones and unmanned ground vehicles deployed with various types of sensors, and applying artificial intelligence and cloud technology

The initiative, funded by the European Union and in particular by the European Defence Fund, has an estimated budget of €4,986,989.50

CONVOY participants include leading companies and organizations, committed to enhancing safety and security in critical environments by applying cutting-edge technology

AVIS will provide accurate and reliable forecasts and enhance positioning for vessels, to optimize routes and make them safer

The project contributes to the European Union’s goal of transforming transportation systems to make them more sustainable

The company applies the SAFe Agile framework, the most widely used globally according to the “16th Annual State of Agile Report” for 2022

GMV adopts this innovative working approach, adapting it to the requirements of the highly regulated aerospace industry

The objective is to enhance business agility and productivity, expedite time-to-market for delivering solutions, elevate quality, and bolster the commitment of work teams

The goal of the SONORA project is to develop the future of the U-Space industry and unmanned aerial systems

The second and final round of testing for the project will make it possible to collect relevant data on the aerial mobility of unmanned aerial systems in urban environments

The tests consisted of an exhaustive series of flight plans to assess the accuracy, availability, continuity, and integrity of GNSS receivers integrated with IMUs or other complementary technologies

A strategic partnership ensuring high-level availability, reliability, and efficiency in automated inspections through the use of autonomous robots

GMV has been one of the regular suppliers of ITS technology to both the Cypriot Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works and the island’s six public transit operators for the past seven years

A new project commissioned by the transist authority involves the implementation of a modern ticketing system on the 750 buses that make up its fleet: smarter and ticketless, travelers will be able to pay using contactless cards, phones, smartwatches, and bank cards, among other means

With this project the Cypriot government seeks to improve passenger service and transport efficiency of its concession´s bus fleet

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