Mónica Martínez Walter


+34 91 807 2100

Mónica Martínez Walter holds a PhD in Physics from Heidelberg University in Germany. She began her career as atmospheric chemistry researcher, an activity she still combines with the Presidency of the business group GMV.

During her career she has worked as a scientist at Heidelberg University, Pennsylvania State University in the USA and the Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany, developing scientific instruments to measure chemicals in the atmosphere and participating in measurement campaigns throughout the world to study natural processes that remove polluting substances from the air. She has over 70 publications in international scientific journals.

Her relationship with GMV dates back to 1998 when she was appointed member of the Advisory Board of the Presidency of GMV, helping to shape the policy of the multinational technology group founded by her father. In 2001 she took over the presidency of GMV, which has since then multiplied in size and expanded unstoppably around the world.

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