SmartPayload for flexible satellites

Solution for VHTS and software defined SATCOM payload operations


Solution for VHTS and software defined SATCOM payload operations

Smartpcs and Smartrms are part of the SmartPayload solution of GMV SATCOM products for payload operations focused on VHTS and software defined payloads designed for dynamic scenarios.

Fully interoperable with the main satellite manufacturers, Smartpcs and Smartrms offer a comprehensive solution for the operations of flexible SATCOM payloads

Suite products

SmartPayload suite

Communication satellites link budget and capacity optimization

  • Link budget analysis tool
  • Ground and space optimization
  • Coordination agreements checks
  • OBO computation

Flexible communication satellites payload management

  • Integrated tool for full telecom payload control
  • On-board routing solution
  • Channel and payload settings
  • Antenna re-pointing

Traditional communication satellites payload management

  • On-board components configuration management
  • Payload telemetry and commanding
  • Redundancy strategies
  • Beams / channels on-board routing

Communication satellites carrier monitoring system

  • Complete fleet monitoring
  • Configurable multi-site support
  • Dynamic frequency plan
  • Data aggregation


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