GMV to revamp ticketing and CAD/AVL systems for urban transportation in Granada

After acquiring the company Transportes Rober, S.A., which manages the urban transportation system for the Spanish city of Granada, the ALSA Group will again rely on technology from GMV, which it is contracting to upgrade the ticketing and computer-aided dispatch / automatic vehicle location (CAD/AVL) systems for the city’s fleet of over 210 vehicles.

The new solutions, which are integrated into intelligent transportation systems (ITS), are supplied with passenger validation technology that will enable users to pay using contactless transportation cards, QR codes, and EMV cards, including physical cards and virtual versions on their smartphones. The project also includes a website with information on transportation lines, operating schedules, and arrival times at each stop. The signs currently installed along the streets, and the automatic ticket vending and validation equipment for the line that runs across the center of Granada, will be upgraded to make them compatible with the new system and new forms of payment.

Drivers will also benefit from upgraded onboard equipment. The driver's position will have voice and data communication with the control center, which manages the CAD/AVL features. Information is sent from the vehicle about its location and service, and the driver is informed regarding whether the bus is ahead of schedule or running behind. It will also manage the existing onboard computer system, which consists of LED screens and an intercom. There are several other features the control center can benefit from, thanks to this computer-aided system. For example, it can track the location of the vehicles and their level of compliance with the scheduled services, and if necessary, the system can suggest adjustments to the services in order to improve quality. There will also be an open data interface with online services, so that information can be posted about potential connections with third-party transportation networks. 

The vehicles will have an emergency button that will send alerts if any hazardous situations occur, while simultaneously transmitting an audio signal to the control center to monitor the ambient sounds. Some vehicles will also have passenger counting devices installed. To facilitate the work of ticket inspectors, GMV will supply 30 smartphone-type terminals.

The ticketing applications will allow for configuration, operation, and production of reports, and they can be integrated with external tools so that users can top up their transportation cards online.

As explained by Carlos González Bayod, head of business development for the bus market in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco for GMV’s Intelligent Transportation Systems, “GMV has been developing technological solutions for transportation systems for more than 25 years, using products of its own design. The company has 300 employees in its ITS area, and it already works with about 950 transportation operators and authorities in over 30 countries. It has installed ITS solutions on more than 25,000 buses used for public transportation around the world. With this new contract, GMV is further consolidating its presence in Granada, as the leading provider of ITS technology for the city’s urban transportation systems”.

The company offers solutions in the form of comprehensive intelligent transportation systems for public buses, using cutting-edge technologies. It designs its own products and complies with the most demanding certifications for their onboard installation in vehicles (Emark). They are based on open standards, enabling them to be interoperable and scalable, for public operators as well as private ones. In Spain, ITS technology is installed in public transportation throughout the country, with multiple clients in different areas such as Madrid, Barcelona, Pamplona, Seville, Galicia, the Balearic Islands, and Toledo.

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