GMV Brave®

SBAS systems engineering, analysis and validation platform


An analysis, validation and engineering solution

GMV Brave® provides a valuable service that helps to improve the daily process of monitoring, reporting on and analyzing the performance of an SBAS system. GMV Brave® helps reduce execution times for tasks that can be extremely repetitive, thus increasing efficiency. This is possible thanks to the automation of tasks such as the execution of SBAS algorithms (which give the system integrity and improved accuracy) and the subsequent analysis of its performance, for which our tool generates a wide set of results that play a key role in the rapid detection and analysis of any SBAS system performance incident or degradation.

GMV currently uses GMV Brave® as a support tool for the daily analysis of the performance of the EGNOS CPFPS subsystem, and the performance of the magicSBAS testbed integrated in the SBAS of Australia and New Zealand.

Product overview


The GMV Brave® platform has many different features, and can be used mainly as a:


Reliable tool for continuous monitoring, both at system and user level, of the daily performance of SBAS systems Easy monitoring through a web interface Quick detection of unexpected events, providing the initial trace of their possible causes and origins Logging of SBAS performance.


Preliminary analysis of incidents leading to system performance degradations Production and easy management of the extensive results (including intermediate outputs of the algorithms) generated in the performance analysis Daily reporting.


Testbed for experimental SBAS algorithms in benchmark scenarios Easy scalability: only dependent on resources such as hardware availability, storage or computing power. Allows platform users to work in smaller scopes within larger projects.

The main components of the platform are:

Measurements and input data: interface to input data from SBAS systems (e.g. EDAS for EGNOS), GNSS data and ionosphere data (e.g. IGS data) obtained through the use of FTP protocols, NTRIP, etc.

Algorithm engineering platform: SBAS algorithms ported to Linux and edited to provide detailed internal states and internal variables of the algorithms.

eclayr: PC tool to evaluate SBAS performance with respect to accuracy, availability, integrity and continuity. 

Additional analysis tools: customized analysis tools to post-process the internal data of SBAS algorithms and eclayr performance analysis. 

Web platform: intuitive, easy-to-use interface that organizes and displays analysis results as figures and key performance indicators.

GMV Brave® offers a daily report that focuses mainly on performance at both system and algorithmic level, providing:

SBAS signal in space (SIS) analysis:

- IGP analysis: IGP monitoring, GIVD vs. GIVE, temporal evolution of GIVD error, etc.

- SV analysis: satellite monitoring, SREW vs. UDRE, SREW evolution, UDRE index evolution, etc.

- Additional information extracted from SBAS messages.


- SBAS performance at user level: availability, continuity, accuracy and integrity maps.

- By service: AP-I, LPV200, NPA, etc.

- By GEO channel.


Algorithm analysis:


- Number of measurements.

- Equipment bias for stations and satellites.

- Errors, offsets and clock drifts.

- Errors in orbit determination.


Ionosphere analysis:

- Vertical and horizontal error per station.

- Quality of service.


And much more.

- Key performance indicator log.


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