Engineering services and the most advanced systems and programs for the aeronautical sector


Value-added systems, solutions and services for the aeronautics sector

GMV is a recognized vendor to aeronautical manufacturers, air navigation service vendors, aviation organizations and system operators.

We provide engineering services and develop the most advanced systems and programs for the aeronautical sector, always with stringent quality criteria. 

Our activities are backed by our technological capabilities, the availability of proprietary solutions, our solid reputation as a trusted provider, our commitment to excellence and quality, and our exceptional team.


GMV’s activities are certified in accordance with UNE-EN 9100, CMMI Level 5, ISO 9001, and PECAL/AQAP 2110/2210.


Aeronautics Activity

Working with the leading Aeronautical programs and GMV

GMV is collaborating with Airbus DS on the development of onboard software for the EurofighterA400M,  A330-MRTT and A330-FSTA tankers and Tornado programs.

It also developed onboard software in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters for the Tiger HAD and NH-90 helicopters.

GMV developed the flight control computer (FCC) for the RPAS ATLANTE, critical equipment for the RPAS, responsible for aircraft navigation, guidance, and control.

GMV has extensive experience in the development and certification of critical software in accordance with DO-178 up to level DAL-A, having certified proprietary software directly with the EASA.

Development of Onboard Equipment

GMV develops onboard equipment that meets the demanding standards for aeronautical systems DO-254, DO-160 and MIL-STD.

GMV developed the communication unit for the  Dauphin fishery surveillance helicopters.

For  ATLANTE GMV develops the flight control computer FCC  and the ATOL (automatic take-off and landing) station, that enables increased precision and automatic take-off and landing.

For the A400M GMV supplies the Crane Control Unit with the loading system, which includes the electronic power modules that control the BLDC motors.

GMV develops navigation systems and electronic equipment for RPAS such as MALE and HALE, both for the aircraft and for the ground station.

GMV develops the software suites CSD-SIERRA and SIERRA-TOOLS to collect, store, disseminate and mine  RPAS data pursuant to NATO’s STANAG 4559. CSD-SIERRA is being used by several Ministries of Defense and NATO intelligence networks.

GMV develops the  IRIS system for mini and micro RPAS integration with command and control and intelligence systems.

GMV has developed Dronelocus® to implement U-Space spaces, especially the emergency management service.


GMV’s Proven Experience

GMV has extensive experience in the development of mission systems for aircraft. GMV has taken part in the development of the AMPS Mission Planning System for Tiger HAD Helicopters for the Army, and developed the software for the mission system in the Dauphin helicopters for fishery surveillance.

GMV has collaborated with Airbus DS on the development of the FITS mission system for C295 maritime surveillance aircraft.

GMV has also developed the national cooperation management tool for the EATC – European Air Transport Command – for transportation services and in-flight refueling.

World leader

GMV is an expert in integrated modular avionics (IMA), ARINC-653 software architectures, avionics data buses (ARINC-429, AFDX, 1553, etc.). Through our R&D activity in this field, we have developed a family of IMA/ARINC-653 tools that include a simulation environment and tools to facilitate the development of software in ARINC-653 systems.

GMV has developed XKY, a real-time operating system that fulfills the IMA specifications and is in the process of qualifying for the DAL-A level.


A new and robust partitioned operating system

Development of State-of-the-Art Systems

GMV has extensive experience in the development of aeronautical simulators including:

  • Flight simulators. GMV has participated in the development of the simulators for the C-101, C-130, Eurofighter ASTA, and CN-235.
  • Trainers. GMV has participated in the development of PTTs for F18MLU, A330-MRTT, and A330-FSTA.
  • Control Tower simulators for NAV Portugal.
  • Engineering Simulators. GMV develops simulation models&nbspfor the A400M following the Airbus AP2633 standard;.
  • Operational research simulators used for the evaluation of mission and weapons systems in different scenarios.

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