GNSS-based precise web positioning solution

General Information

Precise positioning correction service in post-processing

MagicPPP® is a web positioning service with worldwide coverage that allows GNSS users to determine their position or trajectory with centimeter precision, based on the user's RINEX measurements.

MagicPPP® uses new generation precise point positioning (PPP) algorithms developed by GMV. It is based on GNSS precise products developed by GMV.

Licensing and Price

For details on the licensing conditions and prices, please contact [email protected].



Registered users can upload, save, and manage raw data files in the system workspace on the MagicGNSS cloud and use a variety of tools to post-process and display results. Commercial receivers capable of providing observation data in standard formats such as RINEX are compatible. The binary formats from most receiver manufacturers are also compatible. Access is through an intuitive web-based application.

This service works at the TCP/IP and RINEX level of the receiver from specific users, without using the support of a graphical user interface. The service can be integrated into a mobile app for users enabling smooth interaction with the MagicPPP® server.

Users can access this free service by emailing their raw RINEX data files to [email protected]. A complete OOO solution and report will be generated and sent to the user by email. The core PPP products required to calculate the PPP solution are generated by GMV in real time. The observation files must be in standard or Hatanaka RINEX format (compatible RINEX versions are: 2.00, 2.10, 2.11, 3.00, 3.01 and 3.02, 3.03), compressed or not. It is very important to follow the file naming convention for proper processing.

The purpose of MagicPPP® is to simplify and accelerate in order to increase productivity.

In just a few clicks, users can upload GNSS data, select the post-processing mode and obtain the precise position or trajectory. Together with the position or trajectory, MagicPPP® provides a full report with exhaustive information on input data quality, the configuration used, estimation process, and positioning quality.

Managing data has never been easier. A dynamic map shows all the stations and datasets available for the selected date. Users can select the datasets to be processed by simply clicking the map. MagicPPP® includes two preconfigured post-processing modes: static and kinematic. In kinematic mode, users can select whether they are ground or air users to apply the most suitable configuration. The position and trajectory are provided in plain ASCII, as well as in standard formats for quick viewing.

MagicPPP® is a fully multi-constellation solution. It is currently compatible with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and ZSS. MagicPPP® algorithms have been extensively validated with real multi-constellation data. To achieve maximum precision, MagicPPP® processes code and phase measurements.

The PPP technique requires a number of core products that include precise orbit predictions, satellite clock corrections, and other corrections for navigation satellites. For high-accuracy results, orbit accuracy must be in the order of 2-4 centimeters and clock corrections errors must be kept around 0.15 nanoseconds. In order to provide a quick response, full autonomy, and multi-constellation capabilities, MagicPPP® employs regularly generated core products using GMV’s state-of-the-art, proprietary MagicODTS precise orbit determination and time synchronization suite. The products are automatically generated by processing data from a network of around 100 stations distributed around the world.

In static mode, PPP positioning accuracy depends on the observation time:

  • For observation times of around one day, MagicPPP® normally reaches sub-centimeter accuracy.
  • For observation times of around two hours, typical MagicPPP® accuracy is approximately 2-3 cm.
  • For observation times of between 20 minutes and one hour, MagicPPP® accuracy is usually below 10 cm.


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