Advanced Operational SBAS Test Bench

General Information

Advanced, multi-constellation, operational satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) test bench

MagicSBAS® offers SBAS regional differential corrections and non-safety-critical integrity augmentation to any interested region.

The MagicSBAS® regional differential corrections can improve GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou precision to the meter.

The SBAS augmentation message produced by MagicSBAS® fully complies with international SBAS standards such as RTCA/DO-229F and ICAO SARPs for SBAS L1 Legacy services, as well as for the RTCA and ED-259 for SBAS DFMC services. 

The MagicSBAS® messages can be broadcast over the Internet by compatible GEO satellite providers.

Licensing and Price

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Become an SBAS service provider

With MagicSBAS®GMV offers its more than 20 years of experience in developing SBAS algorithms in new regions that are considering implementing their own SBAS program. MagicSBAS® is both a powerful engineering environment for designing and implementing an SBAS and an operational test bench that can be used to provide an early service quickly in any region to demonstrate the advantages of SBAS technology for a potential user community. Continuity and availability.

MagicSBAS® implements state-of-the-art SBAS estimation algorithms based on processing GNSS observations obtained from a network of reference stations. MagicSBAS® can process raw data in standard formats such as NTRIP, RINEX, EDAS, and EGNOS, implemented jointly by continuously operating reference stations (CORS). There are currently hundreds of CORS providing data in this format worldwide, which can be used with MagicSBAS® to quickly assess the viability of an SBAS in nearly any region.

The MagicSBAS® product suite includes a real-time service monitor and two performance analysis products called MagicGEMINI and eclayr. Using these products, the operator can perform a complete set of performance analyses that include accuracy, integrity, service continuity, and availability.

The MagicSBAS® wide area augmentation algorithms have been optimized to provide the best performance under the most demanding conditions and have been tested in many regions around the world.

Real-time MagicSBAS® performance in different regions of the world can be observed using the web monitors of the permanent test benches that are currently operating for R&D purposes.

Different algorithm configurations are available to optimize performance in different regions.

  • Improved GNSS positioning at the one meter level.
  • Multi-constellation support.
  • SBAS message fully compliant with RTCA/DO-229D and ICAO SARP standards in GPS-only, single-frequency augmentation mode (L1 Legacy) and the RTCA and ED-259 for SBAS DFMC services.
  • Capability of emulating virtual DGPS stations producing local corrections in RTCM SC-104 v2.3 format.
  • Advanced algorithms working operationally in existing satellite navigation systems.
  • Supported input data formats include NTRIP, RINEX, EDAS, and EGNOS.
  • SBAS augmentation broadcast over the Internet in SISNet format or binary for broadcasting through a compatible GEO satellite provider.
  • Can be run in both real time mode (for providing services) and in post-processing quick replay mode (for analysis and troubleshooting purposes).
  • The COTS concept can be implemented in just a few months.

Past and current projects in which MagicSBAS® has been used include the following:

  • SouthPAN, a joint initiative of the Australian and New Zealand Governments that provides SBAS services for Australia and New Zealand.
  • UKSBAS UK SBAS Testbed, a demonstration project delivering a new live SBAS no safety-of-live signal over the UK.
  • EGNOS performance analysis, troubleshooting, fine tuning, and quick creation of algorithm enhancement prototypes.
  • Feasibility and performance analysis of a GLONASS-based SBAS in the Russian Federation, in partnership with Russian Space Systems.
  • Feasibility of EGNOS extension to Eastern Europe (including Ukraine) (EEGS project for GSA under the second convening of the FP7 program).
  • Real-time SBAS prototype in Brazil and Argentina for demonstration purposes (project: FLARE; client: European GNSS Agency).
  • ICAO’s SACCSA Program: feasibility analysis of an SBAS system in Central and South America and the Caribbean.
  • SBAS Awareness and Training Program for South Africa (SATSA) (EC FP7 project with SANSA).

MagicSBAS® has been used to generate the message broadcast via geostationary satellite on different SBAS test benches, including:

  • SBAS L1 real-time SBAS prototype in Brazil, Argentina and UK for demonstration purposes.
  • SBAS L1 test bench for SBAS in Africa to test the SBAS service provision in South Africa.
  • SBAS and PPP test bench in Australia and New Zealand providing SBAS L1, SBAS DFMC, and PPP via SBAS services in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific.

The test bench supported by MagicSBAS® has accumulated over ten years of signal broadcasting.

MagicSBAS®is a very powerful and flexible solution that can be customized for specific applications that require regional GNSS augmentation, including:

  • Customized wide area differential corrections for improved accuracy over a particular region.
  • Customized integrity data based on the specific needs of a particular application.
  • There are many possibilities for producing customized versions of MagicSBAS®. Please contact us if you are interested in a preliminary feasibility analysis for a customized solution.


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