Complete Cycle Support for Flight Dynamics Operations for Geostationary Satellites

General Information

Flight dynamics for GEO satellites

FocusGEO is a member of GMV’s FocusSuite family of products that gives satellite operators a flight dynamics operations solution for geostationary satellites.

FocusGEO is a completely integrated application that provides full life cycle support for geostationary satellites with an unsurpassed collection of mission-independent and mission-specific functions.

Over 50%

Over 50% of the leading satellite operators count on us.

100% flight tested

Over 139 operational missions and counting


100% flight tested

  • Maneuver implementation
  • Disturbance torque prediction
  • Fuel mass evolution
  • Station keeping maneuver preparation
  • Attitude and orbit control system support functions
  • Contingency
  • Pre-processing of tracking data
  • Orbit determination and maneuver estimation
  • Orbit prediction
  • Event generation
  • Antenna-pointing elements
  • Station keeping and maneuver planning
  • Longitude station keeping
  • Proximity monitoring and maneuver sensitivity assessment
  • Station keeping reports

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